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Participants will be offered intense training to help ensure success. Training focus will include:  preparing business plans, raising capital, marketing, finance, accounting, personnel, operations, and other key aspects of new business planning


RBTC will provide assistance to help participants identify appropriate potential debt equity  funding sources,  prepare necessary documents for financing request, and navigate, at times, the often byzantine funding process.


103 W. Washington St.

Demopolis, AL 36732


A business mentor can truly share wisdom on an ongoing basis, and in a manner that can have a direct, positive impact on the growth of your success over time. Our mentors will advise you in order to develop their skills as a teacher, manager, strategist, or consultant. True mentorship relationship also works in both directions—your mentor gets to learn about new ideas, strategies, and tactics from you, just as you'll learn these same things from them.  You will always have someone to turn to, someone who has experienced what you're going through, someone who can help you expand your social network, and you pay nothing extra for this service.


A key training component is the ability to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a business in order to adapt to meet changing customer demands.


Internet will be accessible at high speeds to prevent interruptions and distractions during class. There are always delays with every internet provider that sometimes cannot be prevented.  Therefore, every participant will have a hard copy of the material necessary to continue the class for that time period.   Everyone will have access to the facilitators contact information including email and phone numbers in the event questions or concerns arise outside of business hours.

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