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CO.STARTERS (10 - Week)
Core Program 

10 weeks of curriculum led by experienced business leaders, resulting in valuable relationships and the tools needed to ensure your success.


CO.STARTERS (3-hour) Workshops

In this 3-hour workshop you can determine if you have the passion, purpose, and persistence needed to start your own business, or a sustainable plan to grow the one you have. 

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Get Started Workshop 

During the CO.STARTERS Get Started Workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to understand what’s driving you, to explore your idea through the CO.STARTERS Canvas, and refine your model by learning ways to get meaningful customer feedback and start pursuing your idea today. You’ll also have the opportunity to collaborate with other members of the community and make valuable connections to help you along the way.

This workshop is designed for up to 20 participants.   It is a hands-on workshop that helps participants work  together to  “kickstart”  new ideas or “jumpstart” existing ones.    Whether you’re just starting, stuck on a particular issue, or in need of a refresher, this workshop will provide the fuel needed to get you moving.

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Program Admissions Criteria

Want to be a Starter?

  • Do you have a business idea?

  • Do you need assist launching your idea?

  • Is there a need for your product/service in this area? 

  • Are you interested in starting a business in Marengo, Greene or other surrounding Blackbelt counties?

  • Do you have a business plan? 

  • Do you have the required local and state government licensing and registration?

  • Can you use the services provided by the RBTC?

Join a CO.STARTERS Cohort and make your dream a reality!

Admissions Process
  • Submit Application for Admissions
  • Interview with Admissions Committee

Our Team

Board of Directors
  • Ashley Coplin, Chair (Executive Director, Demopolis City Schools Foundation)
  • Sid Rowser, Vice Chair (Director, Utility Services, Georgia Power Company)
  • Barbara A. Raymond, Secretary (Co-Owner, Insight Tax Solutions)
  • Aggie Ward-Scott, Treasurer (Co-Owner, Insight Tax Solutions)
  • Darius Allen (Materials And Logistics Manager, Mercury Systems)
  • Dr. Karen Braxton (Assistant Professor, COO, Braxton Senior Care, Entrepreneur)
  • Michael Cox (Vice President, Strategic Systems and Missile Defense Customer Accounts Business Development, Raytheon Corporation)
  • Connie Davis (Educator, Demopolis High School)
  • Myra Harris (Vice Principal, Greensboro Elementary School)
  • Trameika Hawkins-Lee (Pharmacist, Walmart)
  • Lawrence Lee (Consultant, U. S. Department of Housing & Urban Development)
  • Sandra Norman-Eady (Attorney at Law)
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